Walking And Trekking Poles

Walking And Trekking Poles

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Alpenstock Walking Sticks

The Hi-Tec Alepnstock Walking Sticks are made of Aluminium, which makes them light to carry and ideal for all your long distance walking. 


Folge Trekking Poles 85-135cm


Lapland Walkin Sticks

Ever since trekking poles have become a permanent fixture in Poland, their popularity has not waned. If you want to try this activity personally, it is good to have a model such as Lapland, made of durable and very light materials. From the anatomically contoured handle to the steel leg, these Hi-Tec poles will provide you with complete comfort during active rest. You will like them for their lightness and firm grip, and also for the fact that they will serve you much longer than one season It's worth starting your trekking adventure with these poles


Trekking Boots