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9 Led Hand Torch

Compact, light and ultra bright, our 9 LED Hand Torch is perfect for travelling, festivals or camping.


9 LED Tactical Torch

9 LED Tactical Torch (Batteries included).


9018 Led 70 Lumens Searchlight

Searchlight, rechargeable flashlight, set (230V and 12V charger) L-9018-LED


Alpha 120 Lumes

1W LED flashlight. Special design allows the shattering of the glass in an emergency. Generates a focused light beam. Small, handy and in this same time very solid.


Alpha 2.2 220 Lumens

Falcon Eye Alpha 2.2,is a small battery powered flashlight that uses the Focus system for focusing.Adjustment is made by moving the flashlight head.With one movement from the focused light, we can get evenly diffused light, ideal for operations on a short range.


Alpha 2.3 300 Lumens

Compact size battery handheld flashlight, made of aviation aluminum.Equipped with a 300 lm LED and a focus function, it is able to shine at a distance of 200 meters.The width of the light beam and the change of operating modes can be operated with one hand.The flashlight has three operating modes and is powered by AAA batteries.


Alpha 2.4 500 Lumens

Falcon Eye Alpha 2.4 is the top model in its family.Unlike its battery-powered predecessors Alpha 2.4, it uses a 18650 battery (2200mAh - included) as a powered source, rechargeable directly in the flashlight via a microUSB socket.





the highest model in its family. Unlike its battery-powered Alpha 2.4 predecessors, it uses a 18650 battery (2200mAh - included) as a power source, which can be charged directly in the flashlight via the USB-C socket.




Black Eye 1000 Torch

Mactronic BLACK EYE 1000 is an upgraded version of the popular rechargeable flashlight from the Tactical Line with increased power and increased beam distance. The BLACK EYE 1000 model is characterized by very good ratio of light power to its dimensions. A little over 160 grams of weight with a battery and a length of 136 mm means that the BLACK EYE 1000 flashlight can be always with you - in your pocket, backpack or tactical equipment pouch,regardless of the conditions and destination. BLACK EYE 1000 is extremely solidly made equipment, so that it can meet the expectations of even the most demanding users, including law enforcement officers. The flashlight is shock resistance from 1.5 meters and will withstand water and dust thanks to the IP65 protection class. The flashlight offers five operating modes, including the strobe and SOS function. The light source is a powerful OSRAM P9 10W LED, while the power supply is a 3.7V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh. The operating time in the highest 1000 lumens mode that allows you to illuminate the darkest places is 3.5 hours, and in the LOW mode up to 23.5 hours, which gives us an almost 24-hour, uninterrupted light source. Many users will also appreciate the function of last setting memory mode and the availability of additional accessories such as holsters, mounts or color filters.