Shoes/Boots Care

Shoes/boots Care

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Bag: 100% nylon, polyvinyl chloride coated


Black Shoe Polish 80gr


Eco shoe Deodorizer 200mL

Shoe deodorant quickly and easily refreshes the inside of the shoe.


ECO SHOES CLEAN Leather and Textile


Footwear Cleaner 250ml

Easy to apply foam, that lifts dirt from all footwear, fabric, suede, nubuck and smooth leather.


Leather Cream 100ml

High quality smooth creamy wax that waterproofs and conditions all smooth leathers.


Non Scratch Sponge

Patented non-scratch sponge when used wet the blue surface will not scratch paintwork or damage fabrics


Proof Outdoor Footwear 150ml

Restores original long testing water reppelent finish to all footwear.


Proof Smooth Leather 150ml

Proofer for all Smooth Leather Footwear


Saddle Soap

Natural glycerine and lanolin make this soap ideal for cleaning all smooth leather, footwear, garments and especially tack.


Shoe Pro-Tech Leather 100ml

In order to preserve the hydrophobic properties and aesthetic appearance of trekking shoes, they should be regularly cared for using special products.Hi-Tec impregnation perfectly protects the surface of natural full-grain leather shoes and their synthetic substitutes.The use of impregnation prevents moisture from rain and snow from entering the upper, which keeps your feet dry regardless of weather conditions.Thanks to its convenient application and compact package dimensions, you can have it with you at any time, for example on a long journey, and use it whenever you need it.


Shoe Pro-Tech Nubuck 100ml

Pro-Tec shoe impregnation effectively protects shoes made of nubuck, suede and textile materials against soaking!In order to preserve the aesthetics and properties of outdoor footwear for as long as possible, it should be regularly impregnated with appropriately selected products.100 ml package with applicator.