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Axess Sling 12cm

The AXESS is a simple and durable quickdraw sling designed for sport climbing and multi-pitch climbing. The STRING helps maintain the proper orientation of the carabiner and protect the carabiner attachment loop from wear.



Versatile compact pulley

Versatile and compact, the FIXE pulley allows quick installation onto the rope.


Fixe Versatile Pulley

Versatile and compact, the FIXE pulley allows quick installation onto the rope.



Gemini is a compact double pulley that sets up progress capture systems of high mechanical advantage.


Kit Jag System 1 Meter

The Jag System haul kit for pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, or tensioning a system, thanks to its 4:1 mechanical advantage and excellent efficiency (sheaves with sealed ball bearings). The collapsed kit is highly compact, allowing it to be used even when the distance to the anchor is very short. The Jag System haul kit is quick and easy to deploy: it is ready to use thanks to the flexible cover that prevents any risk of tangling. The haul end is color-coded for instant identification. It is available in three lengths: 1, 2 and 5 meters.


Minder Single Pulley

Minder is a high-strength pulley designed for rescue professionals to set up progress capture systems.


Mobile Pulley

Compact and extremely lightweight, the Mobile pulley is designed for a variety of uses.


Pro Traxion Drop Resistant Capture Pulley

Aluminum Sheave. The Petzl Pro Traxion pulley and rope grab in one can quickly be attached midline to ropes for comfortably hauling heavy loads. The built in rope grab holds line while the user reaches for another stride.


Rescue High Strength High Efficiency Pulley

Petzl Rescue pulley. For rescue professionals. These products are for mountaineering, rock-climbing, industrial work, aerial dance, work at height and/or rescue use only


Rollclip A Pulley Carabiner

Pulley carabiner, available in versions with or without Triact-Lock locking system. The version with the Triact-Lock locking system can be used to minimize friction on the work rope or to install redirects. The non-locking version is designed for use as a directional point on the Ascension handled rope clamp during short rope ascents.


Rollclip Z

Rollclip Z is a pulley-carabiner with a gate opening on the non-pulley side to facilitate installation on anchors and devices. It is available in two locking systems: automatic Triact-Lock system or manual Screw-Lock system.


Tandem Speed Pulley

The Tandem Speed is the fastest of the carriage pulleys for movement along a rope or cable. It is specifically designed for lower-angle tyroleans.