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Rechargeable battery for SWIFT® RL headlamp

The Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery ensures high performance for the SWIFT® RL headlamp, even at low temperatures. It charges via micro USB port and has a luminous charging indicator.


Actik 350 Lumens Black

The Actik headlamp offers 350 lumen brightness. Multi-beam, it is ideal for dynamic outdoor activities like mountaineering, running, hiking and backpacking. Red lighting preserves night vision and prevents members of a group from blinding each other. The reflective headband provides night visibility. Actik comes with 3 standard batteries and is also compatible with the Core rechargeable battery, thanks to the Hybrid Concept design. Mounting accessories allow the lamp to be attached to any kind of helmet, or to a bicycle.



Powerful, rechargeable, and easy-to-use headlamp with red lighting. 600 lumens



Powerful, rechargeable, and easy-to-use headlamp with red lighting. 600 lumens

ACTIK® with a rechargeable battery! The ideal rechargeable headlamp to extend your dynamic outdoor activities. Casting 600 lumens, ACTIK® CORE provides powerful and comfortable lighting to go with you when you’re running, trekking, or mountaineering. Its phosphorescent reflector makes it easy to find in the dark and red lighting keeps you from blinding those around you when you’re with a group. ACTIK® CORE comes with the CORE rechargeable battery and also works with three standard batteries, with its HYBRID CONCEPT design.


Bindi Headlamp 200 Lumens

The Petzl Bindi headlamp is only 35g heavy and fits in the hollow hand. With its luminosity of 200 lumens, it is ideal for getting around in everyday life and for regular exercise in the city, in the mountains or at the sea. The practical lamp is charged via USB cable. It can also be hung around the neck with the thin, quickly adjustable headband.


Centauri Headlamp

The Centauri Headlamp is a light splashproof headlamp ideal for trekking and also as tent light.


Core Rechargeable Battery

High capacity 1250 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery for Petzl headlamps featuring the Hybrid Concept design: Tikkina, Tikka, Zipka, Actik, Actik Core TActikka, Tacktikka + and Tactikka + RGB. It guarantees excellent lighting performance, even at low temperatures. It recharges directly with the integrated USB port. The Core rechargeable battery offers an economical solution as the main power supply, or as a back-up battery.


Flare Headlamp


Size:7 x 4.5 x 6 cm

Batteries:3 x AAA (Not included)

Weight:54 gItem number:680216


Headlamp Spare Elastic

Spare head band for the head lamps Tikka, Tikkina, Tikka XP and Tikka+.



Noctlight is a protective case for Petzl s compact headlamps that diffuses light. A headlamp placed inside thus becomes a lantern with diverse possibilities: placed on a surface, suspended in a tent or attached to a belt.



Compact, very powerful and rechargeable headlamp featuring REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology. 900 lumens.

With its 900-lumen brightness and total weight of only 100 g, SWIFT® RL is the most powerful of the Petzl compact headlamps. Using REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, a sensor analyzes the ambient light and automatically adjusts brightness to your needs. The headband is reflective to remain visible at night. Its two-part construction provides excellent stability in dynamic and intense activities such as mountaineering, trail running and skiing. SWIFT® RL is intuitive, with a single button for easy control of all lamp functions. It is rechargeable, with a five-level gauge for precise monitoring of the battery charge level.


Tacktikka + RGB 350 Lumens Black

Designed for activities where stealth is key (hunting, fishing, nature watching...), the Tactikka+RGB headlamp offers powerful 350-lumen brightness. It has a mixed beam for proximity and distance vision during movement. It also has red, green or blue lighting to preserve night vision and ensure stealth. Tactikka +RGB comes with 3 AAA standard batteries and is also compatible with the Core rechargeable battery, thanks to the Hybrid Concept design.