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Camping/Travelling Storage Kit x 7 Pcs Set

Handy travel size pack with bottles to store liquids.




Microfibre Towel Large Olive Green

This lightweight microfibre towel should be an essential in the backpacks of anyone who gets wet or dirty (or both) as part of their outdoor pursuits. The highly absorbent microfibres in this compact towel will easily soak up any liquid and help clean off almost any other kind of muck, from mud to sand. You don't want to carry a sopping wet towel around with you either and as microfibre dries exceptionally quickly, you won't have to! This soft, lightweight towel packs down into a tiny carry bag when you're not using it and is perfect for chucking in your bag for any adventure


Portable Chemical Toilet 20L

Outwells 20 liter portable toilet with flushing pump and buildt-in carry handle is designed to be both practical and easy to use. The large waste outlet and detachable holding tank makes the portable toilet easy to empty.


Portable Toilet 7L

Outwells portable toilet is designed to be both practical and easy to use.

Wash Bag M