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Aqua Fresh 2.0 12V Shower

New 12V travel shower for water canisters. Modern design paired with improved performance. Ideal for taking a shower, to clean the vehicle and/or bicycle or to rinse the dishes after a meal. Robust design and compact. The delivery contains: shower head with 2m hose, 12V submersible pump, suction holder for shower head, connection cable with 12V ZA plug (5m), storage bag.


Aqua Kem Blue 2 Litres

Aqua Kem Blue is the most powerful fluid for the wasteholding tank, which offers the best performance for your cassette- and portable toilet. Thetford Aqua Kem Blue is the no.1 toilet additive for mobile toilets worldwide!


Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated

Small and powerful! A powerful, highly effective, 2 times concentrated toilet fluid for the waste-holding tank of your Cassette and portable toilet.


Aqua Rinse Concentrated

Aqua Rinse Concentrated is a highly effective, 2 times concentrated, fresh smelling fluid for the flush water tank of your Cassette and portable toilet.


Camping/Travelling Storage Kit x 7 Pcs Set

Handy travel size pack with bottles to store liquids.