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Brass Math Burner

A compact and lightweight burning stove which is ideal for military exercise or expedition use.


Burner Stand

€8.43 €6.32

Camper Stove

The combination of a large burner with a power input of 3400W and tilting arms with a diameter of 4-17 cm makes the Camper stove an ideal helper for a campsite or caravan.


Camping Portable Gas Stove

An easy to carry portable stove, with electronic piezo ignition.


Camping Stove Wind Shield

Lightweight folding windshield for use with camping stoves.


Devil Double Portable Burner

2-flame cartridge gas stove and grill with cast-aluminum grill plate.

€79.95 €54.90

Field Stove

This small super compact and light portable cooker is ideal to take with you on your outdoor trips. The burner is foldable and therefore easy to carry in your backpack. Attach a gas bottle and you can start preparing your meal.


Fire Beetle Stove

€48.95 €36.71

Fire Midge Titanium

Titanium material for high strength and corrosion resistance, Extremly lightweight and compact.

€47.95 €35.96

Firewood Stove

€55.95 €41.96

Foil Windshield

Very light and compact for Gas Stoves.

€7.95 €5.96

Foil Windshield Tall

Very light and compact for Gas Stoves.

€7.95 €5.96