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Alpenstock Walking Sticks

The Hi-Tec Alepnstock Walking Sticks are made of Aluminium, which makes them light to carry and ideal for all your long distance walking. 



Ecolign anti-mosquito spirals are effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects. 

Instructions: Attach a spiral to the metal support provided. Light the tip of the spiral and then immediately extinguish the flame. Slowly continue smoldering the coil for full protection of the desired area. Place the spiral on a saucer to collect the ashes.


Aquatabs Water Purification Tables

With over 1 billion tablets sold every year, Aquatabs® are the world’s no.1 water purification tablets. These effervescent tablets kill micro-organisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases.


Care Plus 50% Deet Anti Insect Lotion 50ml

Care Plus Deet Anti-Insect Lotion 50% is the strongest insect repellent for the skin.The active substance is effective against various disease carriers, such as (malaria) mosquitoes and ticks.DEET is advised for destinations where there is a risk of malaria, dengue and yellow fever.DEET is suitable for all destinations, both far away and closer to home.Care Plus Deet Anti-Insect Lotion 50% offers up to 10 hours of protection against stings and bites.


Care Plus 50% Deet Anti Insect Spray 60ml

Whether you are in your garden, on an excursion in your own country or on a trip to a tropical region, the Anti-Insect Deet 50% spray keeps you from being stung or bitten. This bottle is enough for one person for 14 days for daily use. Protects 10 hours against mosquitoes and 5 hours against ticks


Care Plus Anti Insect Roll-On 50ml

Care Plus Anti Insect Roll On contains 20% Icaridin so is highly suitable for children as well as adults with sensitive skin. However, the appropriateness for sensitive skin does not compromise its functionality.