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Calidris Harness

The wide waistbelt and leg loops of the Calidris harness provide all the comfort, support and ventilation needed for long aid routes and other activities requiring extended periods of hanging (cleaning and equipping routes...). Lightweight and comfortable, with large gear-carrying capacity, it is perfect for big wall climbing. The harness is sized to fit larger users for all types of climbing.


Canyon Sit Harness

Designed for canyoning, the Canyon Guide is a comfortable, ergonomic harness designed for expert users and guides. It features a gated ventral attachment point that allows optimal integration of equipment (lanyard, ascender, cutaway sling). The gear loops and secondary loops make it easy to carry gear in any situation (progressing, organizing packs, rescue...). The protective seat is durable and interchangeable, and effectively protects the wetsuit and harness webbing from abrasion. The stainless steel DOUBLEBACK buckles, the metal attachment point and the reinforced gear loops optimize durability, for intensive use. The harness identification panel is also reinforced, for tracking the harness throughout its lifespan.


Gym Harness

The Gym harness is designed for comfort and performance climbing in the gym, at the crag or on a multi-pitch route. The wide waistbelt and adjustable leg loops adapt well to larger body types in any season.


Macchu Harness Blue

Intended for children weighing less than 40 kg (88 lbs.), Macchu is a seat harness designed for climbing. Its fully adjustable design, and optional Body shoulder straps, enable this harness to adapt to both your growing child needs and climbing levels from top-roping through lead climbing. Identical to adult harnesses, the waistbelt and leg loops are padded to ensure comfort while suspended. The two Double Back buckles maintain a uniform fit and position of both the tie-in points and gear loops as your child grows. The differentiated color of the belay loop allows a quick visual check to ensure the belay device is properly attached. The harness has two gear loops and an accessory loop for a chalk bag, to be just like the grown-ups.