Gas & Fire Lighting

Gas & Fire Lighting

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450g Valved Cartridge Butane Gas


Adaptor 220g

Reduction that simulates a thread on a 220g bayonet cartridge.

Butane Gas 190 Grams


Butane Gas Cartridge

Butane Gas Refill Cartridge.


Fire Starter Large

A large flint and steel first starter which is ideal for bush craft/survival


Gas Cartridge 110g

Extra small gas cartridge with thread


Gas Cartridge 230g

Small gas cartridge with thread


Gas Cartridge 450g

Large gas cartridge with thread


Gas Cylinder Stabilizer

The handy stabilizer for gas cartridges can be easily stowed in any luggage. It is made of sturdy ABS plastic and has 3 foldable feet.


Magnesium Fires Starter

A fast burning fire starter that will burn at high temperatures and ignite damp wood


Pietzo Igniter

Piezoelectric lighter for gas cookers


Solid Fuel Tablets

Solid fuel tablets for a sold fuel cooker