Gas & Fire Lighting

Gas & Fire Lighting

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100g Valved Gas Cartridge

Lightweight and Compact Gas Cartridge.


190g Piercable Butane Gas Cartridge

Butane ans Propane mix Piercable Cartridge.


230g Valve Cartridge Butane Gas

Bright Spark 1-Piece 11 cm/ 230 g Diameter Gas Cartridge Screw Top Dome


Butane Gas Cannister

The 227 g canister of butane/ propane gas, ideal for Camping, Fishing and Outdoor activities.


Fire Starter Large

A large flint and steel first starter which is ideal for bush craft/survival


Gas Cylinder Stabilizer

The handy stabilizer for gas cartridges can be easily stowed in any luggage. It is made of sturdy ABS plastic and has 3 foldable feet.


Magnesium Fires Starter

A fast burning fire starter that will burn at high temperatures and ignite damp wood


Solid Fuel Tablets

Solid fuel tablets for a sold fuel cooker