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58 Pattern Watter Bottle/Mug 1 Litre

Our 58 Pattern Water Bottle is modelled on the classic canteen used by the British Forces, using durable plastic which ensures this bottle won’t split or break under pressure. Holding 1 litre, it includes a 500ml cup with folding metal handles and can be clipped to your belt or pack for hydration in the field.


Action Travel Mug 0.4Ltr Black

"Durable". "Stylish". "Portable". Those are a few words that you can associate with this timeless travel mug featuring easy trigger-action. Words you can't associate with it? "Leak", "rust" or "BPA". Every time you drink from this mug it will be a reminder that you deserve good things. Enjoy.


All in one Food Jar 0.53Litres

This food jar is a one-man band, playing every instrument as you bop along on your road to adventure. Insulation that keeps grub hot for 12 hours? Check. Full-sized spork for eating outdoors? Double check. Separate storage compartment in the stopper, keeping all your dry foods on hikes and camping? You bet your boots we’re checked. Check ‘er out.


Aluminium Bottle 1 Litre Olive Green

1 litre aluminium bottle


Aluminium Bottle Black 1 Litre

1 litre aluminium bottle


Bottle L 1 Litre

Single-walled stainless steel bottle with a volume of 1L


Bottle S 0.8 Liters

Single-walled stainless steel bottle with a volume of 0.8L


Campsite Bottle Blue 500ml

Double walled insulated stainless steel bottle.


Campsite Bottle Silver 500ml

Double walled insulated stainless steel bottle.


Classic Bottle 0.47 Litres Green

Look, it's science: smaller bottles make your hands seem bigger. In addition to making your hands — whatever their size — look fantastic, this rugged little tank of a bottle is built to stand up to drops, dents, and dings, all while preserving the thermal integrity of your favorite beverage — until you're done enjoying it.


Classic Bottle 0.75Ltr Green

If you need a thermos that can really hold the temperature of the contents, then you have found the perfect one. Ice cubes and other frozen items can be kept cold for up to 100 hours - if the contents are hot it is all 20 hours after, still hot.


Classic Bottle 1 Litre Black

The Legendary Classic thermos is a legendary, time-tested model for modern residents of megacities. Stylish design, ideal volume, light weight, excellent thermal insulation properties and ease of use are the advantages that have been appreciated by millions of people around the world. Convenient to take for a walk, workout or work.