Vega Holster

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21 Expandable Baton Holder

Vega Holster nylon expandable baton holder 2P67 with strip closure. Holder dimensions: length cm 22, width cm 4, depth cm 2.2. Belt loop width: cm 6.


3 Pockets Case Black

Vega Holster nylon multi utility bag 2G62 with two pockets, belt loop (height up to cm 6).


Baton C Cell Holder

Baton. Flaslight C Nylon Holder.


Baton Case with Velcro Case

With all velcro back, adjustable velcro closure, items 2VS00, 2B30, 2B60 and all the velcro female surface compatible.


Belt Holster With Magazine Case

Nylon Belt Holster, with Magazine Case.


Belt Keeper

Nylon Belt Keeper with Double Snaps.


Belt Keeper

Nylon Belt Keeper with Hidden Handcuff Keys.


Body Belt Loop

Injection molded special polymer belt loop to wear the firearm near the body.