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777 Pro Limited Edition ( Set of 2 Radios)

Packed with an elegant and professional case, including many useful accessories.


Adaptor/Charger 12V

Car power supply for Midland G9 line, G8, G7, G6, G5XT


Alan HM06 Mobile Radio

VHF, reasonably priced professional performance


Arctic Marine Radio

Midland Arctic is a VHF marine portable transceiver combining professional technical features with sturdiness and reliability. Its functions are all at hand, including the button to access emergency channel 16 straight away. The antenna can be removed and thanks to the standard SMA connector, it is possible to use other types of antenna. The management of the Charlie and Alpha channels and functions takes place via optional programming software.


Battery Pack PB-ATL-G7

800mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery. Compatible radios: G7, G7 XT, G7 Pro, G9, G9 Plus, G9 Pro, Pacific.


Business Radio

Midland introduces the BizTalkTM line, designed mainly for small businesses. Robustness, high mechanical and electronic reliability and and an easy use make BR radios the perfect choice for those who need to communicate at work. Midland BR01 stands out for its extremely compact design and simple and clean lines that allow the radio to be used in a simple and immediate way.


CA Pro Desktop Charger

Desktop Charger for G7 Pro


CC-XTC Sumbersible Case

Submersible case - 60 m